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We’ve Partnered With The Courier Guy For All Of Our Deliveries, To Meet Your Standards & Convenience.

Which Courier Do You Use & Why?
We have chosen to partner with The Courier Guy as our preferred courier, as we have found them to be reliable, fast and affordable. To date, we've delivered over 2000 packages using their services and have recorded just 1 missing package. However, there is still a possibility that for certain orders we may schedule an alternate courier service, although this would be very situational and should this happen we will likely let you know before-hand; we only use couriers that we have had personal experience with and whom we know can guarantee quality service.
Where Can You Deliver To?
We can deliver to nearly every address in South Africa, through out all 9 Provinces in the country. Door-to-Door delivery is our preferred method, but we can also try arranging for drop-off at a nearby collection point to your location, such as one of The Courier Guy branches (kiosk), Drop-off locker or chain store such as PostNet. This would need to be arranged in advance as a special request from you, if required.
How Long Does Delivery Usually Take?
We've seen close to 90% of our packages arrive within just 1-2 business days. With that said, deliveries take place out there in the real world & as such they are subject to external factors which could possibly cause delays.Here are some general guidelines that we've set out for delivery timeframes:Main City Centers: 1-3 Working DaysOutlying Areas: 2-4 Working DaysRegional Areas: 3-5 Working DaysMost orders that are placed before 2PM will be dispatched on that day, and where possible orders which are placed before 9AM may additionally be upgraded to a Same-Day delivery service at our discretion.
Is My Package Insured During Delivery?
Yes - The Courier Guy offers us FREE Insurance up to the value of R1000 for packages which they deliver, and thereafter packages which have a higher value can be optionally insured at a charged-rate of 2% of the products value (up to a maximum of R30 000.)
What Happens If There Is A Product Missing From My Delivery?
If you've noticed that there is a product that is missing from the package you've ordered, please contact us by using either of the methods provided in the bottom right hand corner of your screen & one of our agents will gladly assist you in ensuring that your order is fully-delivered & to your satisfaction.

We Provide Tracking Numbers With Each & Every Product We Deliver, So You’ll Have The Relief Of Always Knowing Where Your Package Is, At All Times.